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With time, everything gets old, and places are not an exception to this. And therefore, you face the need of renovating kitchen, bathroom & other areas of your home; not just this even your office needs to be cleaned.

Decorating the home and office is one of the most exciting & pleasurable activities for everyone and so to make sure that you don’t face any inconvenience, we supply 3 Cubic Meter skip bins across Hobart, Adelaide, Canberra, and throughout Australia.

Old items belonging to your property can be collected & disposed of easily with the help of our brand new skip bins. We can guarantee the following points regarding our bins:

Rubbish bin with 3 Cubic Meter size is ideal for – 

  • Fantastic quality
  • Easy availability
  • Simple design
  • Attractive colours

Cleaning of –

  • Study Room
  • Small-sized Office

Minor Renovation of –

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Study Room
  • Other areas

In the above activities, food packets, old utensils & kitchen appliances, electrical fittings (Wires, Switches, etc.), taps, cabinets, curtains, stationery, etc. are the usual items needed to get rid of.

Hint – Shred the papers which contain any personal or confidential information about you. (Ex: ID Cards, Bank Statements, etc.)


Spec : 4mm base , 3mm sides forged 39mm internal/external welded lugs

Dimensions :external 2300mm long , 1500mm wide , height 9500mm.

TOP MEASUREMENTS:2.4m (8′) LENGTH ,1.5m (5′) WIDTH , 1m (3′ 3″) HEIGHT

BOTTOM MEASUREMENTS:2m (6′ 6″) LENGTH, 1.25m (4′ 1″) WIDTH

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