Our 3 Cubic Meter skip bins price in Sydney is highly competitive

With time, everything gets old, and places are not an exception to this. And therefore, you face the need of renovating kitchen, bathroom & other areas of your home; not just this even your office needs to be cleaned.

Decorating the home and office is one of the most exciting & pleasurable activities for everyone and so to make sure that you don’t face any inconvenience, we supply 3 Cubic Meter skip bins across Hobart, Adelaide, Canberra, and throughout Australia.

Old items belonging to your property can be collected & disposed of easily with the help of our brand new skip bins. We can guarantee the following points regarding our bins:

  • Fantastic quality
  • Easy availability
  • Simple design
  • Attractive colours

Rubbish bin with 3 Cubic Meter size is ideal for –

Cleaning of –

  • Study Room
  • Small-sized Office

Minor Renovation of –

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Study Room
  • Other areas

In the above activities, food packets, old utensils & kitchen appliances, electrical fittings (Wires, Switches, etc.), taps, cabinets, curtains, stationery, etc. are the usual items needed to get rid of.

Hint – Shred the papers which contain any personal or confidential information about you. (Ex: ID Cards, Bank Statements, etc.)



Spec : 4mm base , 3mm sides forged 39mm internal/external welded lugs

Dimensions :external 2300mm long , 1500mm wide , height 9500mm.

TOP MEASUREMENTS:2.4m (8′) LENGTH ,1.5m (5′) WIDTH , 1m (3′ 3″) HEIGHT

BOTTOM MEASUREMENTS:2m (6′ 6″) LENGTH, 1.25m (4′ 1″) WIDTH

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