Avail reliable 4 Cubic Meter skip bins across Sydney

Relocation is never an easy decision for anyone as a lot of planning & arrangements are required, and as Skip Bin Manufacturers serving Darwin, Perth, Sydney & other regions of the country, we intend to make it hassle-free by providing high-quality waste containers.

Our cheap skips & mini skip bins in Australia are built in accordance with the Australian standards for safety and performance. Individuals who have this need and for the skip hire companies who aim to fulfill this requirement of their clients can buy waste bins from us.

  • We deliver quickly (same day in nearby places)
  • You can load and unload conveniently
  • Eco-friendly materials are used in production

Whether the items are recyclable or not, our waste equipment can be used for every purpose.

Rubbish bin with 4 Cubic Meter size is ideal for – 

  • Relocation (Shifting)
  • Major Renovation
  • Mid-sized commercial spaces

Wood (furniture, etc.), metal, plastics, rugs, carpets, bulbs, clocks, exercise machines, kitchen appliances (induction cooktop, microwave, etc.), electronics (cables, computer parts), stationery, sand, soil, clay, bricks, dirt, stones, tiles, concrete, boxes and so on, are included in the list of the waste items in this case.

Hint – Break the large useless items into small parts and press the empty boxes to remove air for utilizing the bin efficiently.



Spec : 4mm base, 3mm sides, forged 39mm internal/external welded lugs

Dimensions : External 3200mm long, 1600mm wide, height 930mm

TOP MEASUREMENTS: 2.4m (8′) LENGTH,1.5m (5′) WIDTH,1.4m (4′ 7″) HEIGHT

BOTTOM MEASUREMENTS: 2m (6′ 6″) LENGTH, 1.25m (4′ 1″) WIDTH

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