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The activity of construction stresses everyone out due to the heavy material & complex machinery involved. And on the top of everything comes the burden of correct disposal of the rubbish material collected.

But before being disposed of, it is kept in the waste bins at the work site itself, and so, to ensure that it doesn’t fall outside, the suitable size & type of skip bin has to be used. For the construction, excavation, demolition, & complete home/office renovation projects, we provide 6 Cubic Meter Skip Bins throughout Australia.

Keeping the adequate quantity of all sizes of skip bins for sale, we oblige to the customers’ request swiftly, thereby saving their precious time. Customer satisfaction matters to us more than any other benefit, and therefore, we solve all your problems regarding placement & usage of waste bins.

Rubbish bin with 6 Cubic Meter size is ideal for – 

  • Construction, Demolition & Earthmoving Sites
  • Storage Facilities
  • Other Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Rubbish removal in the above scenarios is very crucial and also requires sticking to the mandatory rules & procedures so as to harm the environment & people. The common waste items generated are concrete, metal (iron rods, steel bars, etc.), tiles, rocks, soil, timber, electrical fittings, bathroom fittings, asphalt, glass, etc.

Hint – Comply with the local rules for the disposal and try to use certain items (for ex., soil) productively.



Spec : 4mm base , 3mm sides, forged 39mm internal/external welded lugs

Dimensions : external 3600mm long , 1600mm wide , height 1200mm.

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