Our 8 Cubic Meter skip bins in Sydney are the prime choice of many customers 

Places that are large in size or have continuous operations require huge waste containers so that all the junk collected can be stored & disposed of properly.

Skip bins of 8 Cubic Meters size are appropriate in such scenarios, but does size only matter? ‘No’ as the quality of the containers should also be top-notch. We use first-rate steel & other components to produce & sell 8 Cubic Meter Skip Bins across Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, etc. Considering the nature of use & the risks involved, we make our customers fully aware of the loading & unloading techniques as well as the maximum limit of waste to be put into the bin.

Don’t confuse quality with the price as we offer budget skip bins throughout Australia owing to our advanced technology & streamlined processes.

Rubbish bin with 8 Cubic Meter size is ideal for – 

  • Large Factories, Mills & Firms
  • Mining
  • Food processing & other Industrial Plants
  • Public buildings
  • Events & Celebrations

Clothing, Dyes, Sprays, Stationery, Pipes, Wires, Cans, Bottles, Electronics, Rocks, pebbles, Food, Metals, Plastics, Glass, Wood, Bleaches, Dyes & Green waste are some of the waste items that result in the above cases. 

Hint – Estimate the appropriate quantity of the food required, especially in large-scale events & social gatherings, to avoid wastage.



Spec : 4000m long 1500m high 1500mm wide.

Floor: 4mm and sides 3mm.

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